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Consider an air to air heat pump


The air to air heat pump isn’t as popular as systems which provide water for the central heating, but they have certainly become more and more common in the UK. These heat pumps can heat and cool the home, whilst air to water heat pumps can supply hot water too.

The basic structure of the air to air heat pump includes an outdoor and indoor unit to convert energy into heat for your home. The system takes the appearance of an air conditioning unit and is normally fitted to an external wall of your home, where there’s a good supply of air.

Air to air heat pump systems are suitable for a whole range of properties, from commercial buildings, to flats, bungalows, terraced properties and detached homes.

On most occasions planning permission isn’t an issue, but if you live in a Conservation Area you will need to speak to your local council. It’s always best to go down the correct routes though and consult an expert regarding your position.

So why should I consider an air to air heat pump?

There are many reasons to think about an air to air heat pump, including:

  • Efficiency levels up to 500%, helping to slash electricity bills and earning you an income via the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme
  • Technologies available specifically for those who suffer from allergies
  • what are they?

  • Modern technology provides high efficiency levels and lower running costs, whilst increasing the life span
  • Compact design which only needs an outside wall for installation
  • Quiet when in operation
  • Easy installation and maintenance, providing little to no inconvenience and hassle
  • Heat can be gathered from temperatures as low as -20 degrees, so the air to air heat pump will work throughout the year
  • Controls help to control the temperature of your home
  • Cool air can be supplied for the hot summer months, whilst your home is warmer in winter too
  • Guarantees available to protect you from manufacturer faults
  • Anti-bacterial filter available to provide the ultimate in hygiene.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • A heat pump is capable of generating enough heat to reduce your annual energy bills by up to £650.
  • The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive will pay out hundreds of pounds a year for the renewable heat produced.
  • Cash grants of up to £2,000 are available to help fund the purchase of heat pumps.
  • As gas and electricity prices continue to rise, heat pumps will provide greater savings for the years to come.

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