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The cost of an air to water heat pump


The air to water heat pump is one of the most popular renewable technologies available in the UK, along with solar panels and biomass boilers. But what is it about this system that makes it such a lucrative investment?

Air source heat pumps take a similar appearance to air conditioning units and are usually fitted to the external wall of your home, where there is a good supply of air available. Heat is absorbed from the air and transferred into your central heating system.

This heat can then be distributed to radiators or your underfloor heating. It can also be used to heat hot water too.
Aside from the air to water heat pump there’s also an air-to air heat pump, which produces warm air, circulated by fans to heat the home. These systems won’t normally have the capabilities to produce hot water as well.

How much does an air to water heat pump cost?

As with everything, prices range depending on the size, output and manufacturer you opt for. But on most occasions you should be looking between £6,000 and £10,000 for an air source heat pump to meet your needs.

Remember, with the grants available, savings on energy bills and Renewable Heat Incentive earnings, this investment can easily be repaid with a healthy profit achievable too.

Air to water heat pump savings

The amount you save will be dependent on many factors, including the fuel you’re replacing and how much heat you use in the home. Potential savings will change based on:

  • Your original heating system:

Experts suggest that those on the gas grid don’t stand to make as much in savings compared to electric or oil heated properties. Replacing electrical heating measures can save you as much as £650 a year.

  • Your heat distribution

The way heat is distributed in the home has a massive influence on potential savings and underfloor heating is always desirable. If this isn’t possible then look to installing the largest radiators possible.


  • Your current fuel bills

As you’d expect, the more you spend on energy bills the higher your savings should be with an air to water heat pump. Installers can help you to calculate potential savings.

  • Your use of the controls

The controls which come standard fit with your air to water heat pump will have a massive impact on savings achievable. Having your heating on for longer but at lower temperatures is one way to maximise the heat pump’s potential. Don’t worry though, because your installer will show you best use of the controls.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • A heat pump is capable of generating enough heat to reduce your annual energy bills by up to £650.
  • The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive will pay out hundreds of pounds a year for the renewable heat produced.
  • Cash grants of up to £2,000 are available to help fund the purchase of heat pumps.
  • As gas and electricity prices continue to rise, heat pumps will provide greater savings for the years to come.

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