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Heat pumps are fast becoming one of Britain’s most popular renewable technologies, slightly behind solar panels in UK distribution. Heat pumps can replace your boiler by providing heat and hot water throughout the year and thus saving hundreds and even thousands of pounds on a yearly basis.

Heat pumps work by taking natural heat from the air or ground and using it in the home to replace National Grid energy. For your home you could choose a ground or air source heat pump. The prices vary for both depending on the system you opt for.

a) Price Range – £6000 – £17,000
b) Average Cost – £11,200
c) Best/Cheapest Cost – £6000

Benefits of Heat Pumps

There are plenty of brilliant reasons to invest in a heat pump for your home and this includes:

  • They’ll work throughout the year no matter the season and will operate down to temperatures of -16 degrees
  • The heat pumps won’t need any maintenance and will work effortlessly
  • You can save an absolute fortune on your bills by ending your reliance on grid energy
  • With the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) you can also earn thousands of pounds as you’re paid for all the heat you produce.

Heat Pump Prices

There’s no doubting that heat pump prices vary around the UK and it’s best to compare prices from a number of heat pump suppliers before coming to a final decision. After all you can earn a fantastic return on investment.

Remember that the needs of your heat pump may differ to your neighbour’s too, depending on the size of your home etc. That’s why it’s always best to get firm quotations from professionals.

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