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10 things a good heat pump installer will ask


If you’ve chosen to go ahead with your renewable purchase and install a heat pump for your home, choosing a company to fit the equipment should be easy right?

Well first of all you will need to choose a company registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). All MCS recognised companies meet industry regulations so you know you’re getting a great job completed. On top of this, you can only receive Government payments with the RHI initiative if you use an MCS company.

In fact, it’s this very same scheme which ensures the heat pump market is set to explode with popularity. Now with a heat pump installed you can save hundreds of pounds and earn a small fortune too.

So how do you know which company to pick? Well you want someone who is going to ask questions and show genuine enthusiasm with your installation to get you best results.

Take a look at the 5 questions you should be hearing below:

1. Is your home sufficiently insulated?

This will be one of the first points you’ll want to address because what would be the point in producing your own heat, if the majority of it will be loss outside to poor insulation. Whether it’s cavity insulation or double glazing, you need to make some improvements.

2. How is your home currently heated?

Heat pumps aren’t for everyone and if you want to make the greatest energy bill savings you’ll probably be off of the gas grid. Underfloor heating and radiators can both accommodate heat pumps.

3. How is your hot water heated?

Would you consider solar thermal panels being installed at the same time as a heat pump? The heat pump can supply you with hot water too but consideration needs to be made with your current heating system.

4. Have you requested planning permission?

Planning permission is very important because by not receiving the appropriate permission you risk needing to remove the heat pump system after it has been installed. Generally there isn’t an issue though, unless you live in a Conservation Area or listed building. Whichever the case, it’s always best to speak to your local council to clarify the situation.

5. How much will you save with a heat pump?

You may have conducted your own research and have a fair idea how much you expect to save with a heat pump, but that doesn’t mean you are certain to get the exact amount spot on. Your installer should be willing to calculate how much you will save and earn over a set period of time and provide you with the figures.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • With an air source heat pump you can save hundreds of pounds every year on your heating bill.
  • Take advantage of the Government’s lucrative Renewable Heat Incentive linked with heat pumps, which pays out for seven years.
  • Heat pumps are easy to install and will provide major cash savings for over two decades.
  • Energy bills have doubled since 2004, so avoid further increase by installing your own home heat pump.

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