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Is a heat pump suitable for my home?


Heat pumps have grown into one of the most popular renewable technologies in the UK in recent years because of the huge savings and earnings you can make.

Like solar panels, there’s now a massive financial incentive for making an investment and the Government will pay you for all renewable heat generated.

There are different systems to consider with heat pumps and you can pick between a ground or air source heat pump.

Both are highly efficient and provide you with a massive return on investment.

But there are some things to think about before making the investment. Take a look at the three big points below:

1. Is your home insulated?

Heat pumps produce heat for space and hot water heating, but at a lower temperature than typical boilers. This means your home needs to be well insulated if you’re to see significant benefits. Without insulation, the heat will simply escape your home through the walls, windows, roof and door.

There are plenty of options to help improve your home’s energy efficiency though, such as loft lagging, wall cavity insulation and double glazing. The better insulated your home, the greater your savings will be with a heat pump.

2. How is your heat distributed?

By this, we mean your existing heat distribution. Most homes have radiators with at least one per room. Now, whilst it’s true that heat pumps work best with underfloor heating, installing larger radiators is also a great way to take advantage from this renewable energy. With normal radiators the heat pump will operate 25% less efficiently, but this will still help you to save and earn regardless.

3. Which fuel are you replacing?

How is your home heated before the heat pump is installed? You’ll make greater savings depending on the fuel you’re replacing, with electricity, gas and oil typically seen in British homes. Properties off of the gas grid tend to make greater savings as electricity and oil is more expensive. In fact, by replacing electric heating you can save over £600 a year. And then you have the Government payments to think about as well.

Whilst you won’t make as much by switching from gas heating, you’ll still profit. That’s purely because of the RHI scheme which pays out for seven years.

Of course, heat pumps aren’t for every property so it’s always best to think about your home and whether it’s suitable. An expert is best placed to help you here, so make sure to speak to a few companies and get some professional assistance.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • With an air source heat pump you can save hundreds of pounds every year on your heating bill.
  • Take advantage of the Government’s lucrative Renewable Heat Incentive linked with heat pumps, which pays out for seven years.
  • Heat pumps are easy to install and will provide major cash savings for over two decades.
  • Energy bills have doubled since 2004, so avoid further increase by installing your own home heat pump.

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