What is the best heat pump?

A lot of people ask which the best heat pump is, but really this is the same as asking what the best of anything is. If you were asked what the best car is for instance, it’d depend on the criteria; comfort, speed, acceleration, cost effectiveness or family.

This is the same with heat pumps and to work out the best for you, you’ll need to decide what your criteria are.
Do you want space or hot water heating? How much do you want to pay? How efficient will the system need to be?

Of course, before you even get to this point you need to decide between the different types of heat pump. There are both air source and ground source heat pumps on the market and both could be excellent for your home.

Ground source heat pumps are more expensive but will provide you with greater returns, whilst air source heat pumps are cheaper but require a little more maintenance.

If you want to invest in renewables, then an air source heat pump is probably the way forward, but then there are multiple manufacturers to choose between with varying costs and efficiencies.

When it comes to handpicking between these, your first train of thought should be on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). If you want to receive the Government’s incredible RHI payments, you need to ensure your system is MCS registered and receive the correct paperwork after the installation.

When it comes to choosing the best heat pump for your home, sometimes it’s best to find a reputable contractor, rather than researching into products yourself. A tried and tested installer with years of experience won’t use shoddy products, giving you the confidence you’re investing in a quality heat pump for your home.

Remember, with an air source heat pump there are plenty of benefits to take advantage of:

  • Reduce your heating bills by up to 80% by generating your own energy
  • Earn thousands of pounds with the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive, which pays out for seven years
  • End your reliance on expensive National Grid gas, electricity or heating oil
  • Slash your carbon dioxide emissions and become more environmentally friendly.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • With an air source heat pump you can save hundreds of pounds every year on your heating bill.
  • Take advantage of the Government’s lucrative Renewable Heat Incentive linked with heat pumps, which pays out for seven years.
  • Heat pumps are easy to install and will provide major cash savings for over two decades.
  • Energy bills have doubled since 2004, so avoid further increase by installing your own home heat pump.

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